FENINO then - Cambridge DiS meet - confirmed 30th NOVEMBER - meet Cambridge Blue, Gwydir St, 5pm

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  • Autumn
  • Winter
  • Either
  • Neither
  • Ha ha! Winter II is it eh, thewarn?! ha ha!

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I’m taking this as “Either”.



FAO @sadpunk @shucks @hip_young_gunslinger @plasticniki @everybodyiswelcome! @therewillbespeopleotherthanmentherehonest!



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@colon_closed_bracket !!!

Why is it so hard to remember the names of the three people who come to these bloody things

(sorry ccb!)

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You forgot @ColonClsdParenthasis


Reckon you should all come to London tbh

Fenino lads on tour

Winter, Winter II, spring, summer or fall
All you’ve got to do is call
And I’ll be there yes I’ll be there
You’ve got a Fen


So what even is Fenino? It’s one of the most enduring DiS things that I’ve never fully got a handle on. Clue me innnn


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Next you’ll be asking what a calypso bomb is
(Fenino is a Cambridge DiS meet)


Group of internet nerds who live within 100 (?) miles of Cambridge converge on the city, go to various nice pubs, talk about warhammer/eric’s favourite films/dogs/notmusicsomuch and forget to eat dinner.

Come along!

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@83746725 !!!

Fucking hell guys

I am many much further away than that sadly

Southern privilige ffs

What is sadpunk’s third favourite film?

Just for you we’ll extend it to 1,000 miles

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Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow

Wayne’s World 3