Was idly looking at Christmas presents and saw a book about Fermentation from NOMA restaurant which I thought would be good for my foodie brother, but then I realised I also quite wanted it.

Does anyone here ferment anything at home? Kimchi? Kombucha? Got a good sourdough starter on the go?

I guess we could widen this to include smoking foods and cheese-making, if we’re desperate. This is not, repeat NOT, a homebrew thread, though references to homebrew are allowed.


“For what, we are about to ferment, may the Lord make us truly grateful, amen” - The Prayer of the Fermenter

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My landlady is always doing stuff but really badly. Never properly sterilising and always attracting flies. Fair play though cause she’s got some weird fruit thing going in the kitchen at the moment with no lid on any I’ve not seen a single fly or wiggly looking thing

RIP My Sourdough starter :crying_cat_face:

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Oh no what happened :cry:

Have you ever heard of the Yeast Scream, tone?

In parts of Norway, farmhouse brewers believe that screaming into your wort as you pitch your yeast will help encourage a healthy fermentation.

So in many ways, this scream could be seen as the fermenter’s true prayer.

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We had fruit flies for months over summer, couldn’t work out the source at all, was fucking irritating.

I neglected it once too often. Never fed it for a couple of days.

I’m a bad parent.

That’s not the sort of thing I like to find out about really


What do you feed a sourdough starter? Just flour, or other stuff?

And did it have a name, this poor deceased globule?

Do you think Yeast Scream has any mileage as a the name of a knowingly schlocky metal band?

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Only if it was Marmetal…

Mainly flour and water.

Actually just those.

Didn’t give him a name because he was just flour and water and airborne yeasT.

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Does a sourdough starter spontaneously ferment? I didn’t know that.


Put 2oz flour 2oz Water in a pot - cover LOOSELY with lid
Next day - add same and stir
Next day - add same and stir
Next day - add same and stir (should be seeing some bubbles now)

Once it’s going you can stick it in the fridge when not in use but it will likely take a couple of days feeding to get it back to full strength.

And you couldn’t even manage that, ffs.


I said, “Only if it was Marmetal”

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I didn’t want to say anything, but marmalade doesn’t really have anything to do with yeast or heavy music, so the pun doesn’t really work.

You and I are on very different wavelengths here

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thinking about getting into pickling. anyone pickle?

is that appropriate for this thread?

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