big fan of sauerkraut

last time i tried to buy some in tesco i couldn’t find any. had to ask the tesco man.

“do you sell sauerkraut?”
“sour what?”

“… we’ve got sour cream?”

“nah, like pickled cabbage”


i’ve never made it myself

I quite fancy making some sauerkraut and kimchi.

Anyone got a good book recommendation on this topic?

It has a horrible child skull complete with all the extra teeth iirc, which is not something I ever need to see again

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This, apparently:


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I have lived in a couple of places with significant Polish populations and both Tesco and Sainsburys have it in massive jars in their ‘specialist’ sections.

Looks good. That’s going on my Christmas list then.

aye, some have it and some don’t. don’t think its mega specialist or anything? idk

Yeah, probably not. Bit cheaper in the massive jars though, if you can find them.

found some that had chillies and that in. was bangin. like £7 a jar or something though, so fuck that

maybe i should make some actually

Ok, cracks knuckles.

So I’ve got a long running sourdough starter

Have just made some (three large fermenting jars) Golden Sauerkraut.

M has some “fizzy” cauliflower on the go as well as milk Kefir.

There’s pickled beetroot knocking about and water kefir coming again soon

We failed with kombucha but gonna try that again

Kimchi is on the list too



Very good ferment chat!

Would you recommend others have a go? Where would you say is the best place to start?

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Definitely recommend it!

M did most of the legwork in researching it, but I reckon pick something you like (milk kefir might not be to your taste for example) and go with that. Sauerkraut is dead easy, but we’ve got fermenting jars do I don’t know if not having them makes it harder. The recipe o followed was in the Green Kitchen Stories book (might be on their site too idk)

Sourdough feels like a completely different beast and so low maintenance. I keep mine in the fridge, bake with it once a week/two weeks and never really feed it except as part of the building the leaven during baking.

I have made kimchi twice before. I was actually shocked at how easy it is. I kinda used a mix of recipes.

For Christmas, I am planning on making kimchi Brussel Sprouts for my dad.


It’s sad when families don’t get on. Sorry, pal.

EDIT: This is actually quite mean. Sorry.


May pickle some pomegranate seeds and shove them up Ottolenghi’s arse



Don’t worry, I don’t get the joke

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Got 'er indoors the big Noma book last Christmas, and truthfully we haven’t done anything with it yet. It’s very science-heavy, lots of chat about microbes and getting pH levels right and that sort of thing, not just “bung some onions and some cider vinegar in a jar and wait for a bit” which is much more my level.

Have a whole shelf of stuff pickling in the fridge, mostly seems to be green tomatoes that didn’t turn because of the shitty summer atm.

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It’s because fermented sprouts sound abhorrent to me


My dad likes Sprouts.