Very unusual!

@hip_young_gunslinger would you also accept sprouting things here too?

Sure let’s go wild!

We also have a sprouting jar and use it to make things like this

V nutritious and tasty

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One of my targets for 2020 is to get into fermentation and pickling. Joshua Weissman and Pro Home Cooks on YouTube have been a great resource so far. Thinking of getting that Noma book for Christmas/Birthday also.


Should I get this for my brother?

When my Mum used to do Old El Paso fajitas (mild) for us she had to do a separate batch without the seasoning for my sister as she has ulcerative colitis and it would cause flare ups. My brother would opt for the unseasoned batch as a preference. Don’t know what’s the matter with the kid.

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I have to admit I was wary of drinking what is essentially fizzy milk, but it’s delicious isn’t it?


Was reading about this again yesterday

Not read the book but I think this is the same guys and this blog can get pretty in depth. It’s pretty interesting reading it though.

I make chutneys and pickled stuff but fermenting feels like a step up and scares me a little bit. Will have to take the jump at some point, may start with some kimchi.

I love kimchi, best new food 2019 (maybe had last year but you’ll never know)

Kimchi and fries with chilli sauce is now my favourite snack

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Kimchi enthusiasts:

These are so good. You definitely need to make the dipping sauce.

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Don’t tell my dad, but I’m fermenting him some Brussel sprout kimchi as his X-mas gift, using the BA recipe

I came into this thread like ooh yeah this sounds like something I wanna do but now… Not so much


Taking a shot at sourdough and I’ve started to see some small bubbles, which I’m really pleased about. She is called Karen due to being a fussy baby who needs organic rye flour and mineral water.

What I’d give for one month of fruit flies. Lucky if I have one month without them all year.

any kombucha brewers on here? Taking the dive this weekend and making a starter. Question is, a few of the blogs I read have been picking up and handling the scoby once it’s formed but my brewing instincts tell me that this should be avoided as it’s unsanitary