Ferry chat

Do you like ferries?

Favourite routes? Companies?

Prefer to ferry by car or foot?

Any good ferry anecdotes?

Can even talk about Bryan Ferry if you like.

I’m really sad that the DFDS route to Denmark is no more :frowning:

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Ferry good thread

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I think this probably excuses me from answering the rest of the questions.

You’re incorrect I’m afraid.

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Must be a more appropriate board for that somewhere…

Once got stuck in a lift in a ferry (Portsmouth to Caen). Also watched Dennis Bergkamp score his wondergoal against Argentina on a ferry (possibly on that very same journey).


Did you ever show elderly British relatives the CityCat ferries in Brisbane? And if so did they insist on going from one end to the other?

They might be my mum’s favourite thing about all of Australia.

Do you like ferries? Yes, I do.

Favourite routes? Companies? Calmac, cos they do the Five Ferries Adventure Hopping Ticket.

Prefer to ferry by car or foot? By bicycle, obviously.

Any good ferry anecdotes? Maybe but I’ll have to think about it.

Can even talk about Bryan Ferry if you like. No.


Fucking love a ferry. My girlfriend used to live on various Scottish islands. I’d make a point of mixing up the routes over to them so I could go on different ferries (and because the standalone 5hr bus journeys were horrific).

Going to be on some Estonian ferries next month. I’ll report back.

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got the ferry to Scotland a couple of times, a lot longer than flying but it’s quite nice if you’ve got lots of time to spare. just a long tedious bus journey to civilisation on the other end, although it’s really scenic

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I once nearly got into a fight on a ferry.

We were travelling from Hull to Rotterdam, and I was trying to sleep on a reclining chair after getting very drunk on ozzie white.

Some loud guy came in and I shouted ‘shut the FUCK UP!’

Next think I knew he was all up in my grill and telling me he was a paratrooper and I should be very very careful.

I was.

The rest of the night passed without incident.


The ferry is #1 thing to do on Tripadvisor for Brisbane isn’t it?

For good reason, was a great way to see the city.



I remember watching the Jim Carrey vehicle ‘Liar, Liar’ on a ferry back from France on a school trip. However the ferry docked before we got to what was most likely a thrilling conclusion. To this day I have not seen the end of the film - I assume it has a happy ending but for all I know the entire cast could be savaged by wolves or it could end on the announcement that the USA has gone to war with Russia and have all the characters sat in silent contemplation of their now uncertain future as the credits roll.

This has been the one anecdote I have related to ferries (and to be honest the ferry content was minimal). Thanks for reading.

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my pal works on the dunoon ferry and sometimes lets me on for free

does this qualify as an anecdote? probably not but there you go

Never been on a ferry.

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Like the idea of them, usually just make me ill.

Would like to take the one from Oban to the Western Isles tho.

Last one I went on was Oban to Skye. There was an old woman sat next to me with her dog (a nice lab), she was eating a sandwich and the dog just stared at it the entire time. It didn’t get any.

Been on quite a few ferries.

The worst voyage was to Denmark from Harwich when it was so rough that hundreds of people (including me) were throwing up everywhere.

The best was the Five Ferries trip with the @bikewankers - GBOF

  • Catamaran
  • Chain ferry
  • Hovercraft
  • Hydrofoil
  • Just a bog-standard car ferry

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Probably a lot of expat’s Mums driving it up the list there.

I walk along the river to work every day, definitely going to steal your joke. Thanks!

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