Festival Attendance Frequency

Went to my 4th Arc Tan Gent last weekend and will be my 4th End of the Road next weekend.

Went to Leeds 4 times as a teenager.

Which festivals have you attended frequently?

13 Glastonburys.
5 Electric Picnics
4 Oxygen but 6 if we’re including Witness as well.
2 Blue Dots


Never been to a festival


3x Primavera
2x Cambridge Folk Festival

5 Glastonbury
5 Primavera
11 Sounds From The Other City
4 In The City (RIP) although i suppose that was a conference

I grew up at folk festivals
Saddleworth (RIP)
International Festival de Celtique Lorient
Went to one in Galway 3 times but I can’t remember the name of it.


2 readings
2 great escapes
7 Green Men

5 x Electric Picnic
3x Longitude
2x Indiependence, Body & Soul, Riverside, Primavera, Parklife, Metropolis

5 Glastonbury
4 Primavera Sound
4 Field Day
3 Boomtown (haven’t been since 2014 though)
3 The Great Escape
2 Bestival
2 Le Guess Who
2 Latitude

A few things once.

Two Leeds early 2000s
Loveboxx once
Festival Number Six once
APE twice
Dot to Dot, Nottingham probably about 4/5ish
Summer Sundae, Leicester, once
Something in Stockton On Tees can’t remember name- once
Move Festival, Manchester - twice

Ten Glastonburys. That’s the only one I was bothered enough to keep track of

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Multiple Swn festivals in Cardiff. It’s just in local venues and in a city I live in, so I can sleep in my own bed every night. Perfect for a lazy man who hates camping.

Only counting full weekend festivals here

17 ATPs
2 Leeds Festivals
2x Porto Primavera, 1x Barcelona Primavera

Then a few that we’ve only done once:
Iceland Airwaves
Way Out West
Bilbao BBK

I’m sure that there’s more, but I can’t think of them all right now.

This for me too.

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More than once:
4 x Glastonbury
3 x BLOC
2 x primavera
2 x ATP
2 x Houghton
Soon to be 2 x EotR!

Just went to the trouble of looking it up and apparently I went to 34 ATP’s…… oh my!!


2x Glastonbury (2002, 2003)
3x Isle Of Wight (2005-7)

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Would you like to?

How would you rate the various folk festivals?

Not anymore but thanks

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Always good fun. Whitby is always the best, town festivals in general are the best partially cause it’s nice being indoors and the bar is a normal price.