Festival Number 6


Going to this posh festival this year.

They have now announced the line up - not too bad BUT Bloc Party headlining one day…in 2017??


Hope Kate Tempest’s worth the wait.


printed off the words so i can talk along


Looked at the non-camping accommodation options.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha no.


I shouldn’t share these nuggets with the music board…but come on you’re MINTED


wonder what david holmes is up to these days…

also the moomins thing is blatantly the best thing on there.


Superb festival, Number 6. Worth going to regardless of who’s on the bill really.

By the way, is there a festival anywhere that Cabbage are not playing this year?


Do you think I got minted by spaffing £3k up the wall on three night stays in Wales?


What you get up to in Wales is your own business


That reminds me, I should check if those cottages have a soilage fee.


EVERYONE this is the kind of MAD banter that goes on in the Social forum

Please do join us


Wasn’t it a bit of a disaster last year? Not prepared for the bad weather or some such.


I beleive so.

Sometimes weather is not the same the following year though.


I’m aware of that, thanks but sounds like basic protocol wasn’t followed.


They issued some statement thing with all the changes this year to ENSURE PROTOCOL IS FOLLOWED

This is not a fun festival, it is serious

(actually they did say they have sorted car park etc… tough shite if it rains on the festival, wales innit)


That looks properly, PROPERLY shit. Not a single good band there.




KATE TEMPEST you massive bell!!!


I haven’t been to the other 5, is that a problem?


I’ll find out

But I doubt it.