Festive filth

Father Christmas = Festive Daddy


I mean people can be into whatever they want.
If a man sticks on a Xmas themed outfit he’s just gonna be dressing up as Santa really.

Or a reindeer

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Sorry, a sexy reindeer

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Not really this year, but last December I was in overdrive. Had lots of sex. Did expect it to kick in again this year like maybe all my libido is now reserved for one month a year but so far, no sign, though I have had a few sex dreams.


all I know is that this + the things you lick thread has me imagining a Christmas version of ‘Freak Me’

4/4 sleigh bells

‘and tonight baby, I wanna get festive with you’


I know who this is now


Is this to keep the rhythm?

it’s like @kermitwormit’s friend with the pom-pom

Santa’s wearing some bells

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Definite a sex act

A sexy lady in a silly outfit is cute. A sexy man in a silly outfit is meh.

Sorry, men!


Alright Bill Clinton



  • yes and ho-ho
  • you’ve been very naughty this year
  • gonna need a clear-cut ‘no thanks’ option

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Jingle Bell cockring and a tinsel boa

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Like sexy stockings or like traditional Xmas stockings that look like the ones you’d hang by fireplace?

We men look silly all the time :grinning:

sexy ones

festive underwear

  • jolly old St. Knickers (yes)
  • that bulge? it’s a lump of coal (no)

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I only said yes to that as it feels unsportsmanlike not to be willing to do it if you would be up for a partner doing it. I would never volunteer though, special request only :grinning:

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It’s called being frugal mate!

Also it’d be the best Xmas stocking filler ever?