Festive Football Thread

Happy Christmas from Big Nev :heart_eyes:


I really fucking love Neville Southall, which is not something I thought I would ever do.


the way he says class on his threads is the most valleys thing ever


The festive period is absolutely the best thing about football. Outside of a WORLD CUP! it’s the closest we get to wall-to-wall soccer.

I’d make all of the teams play every day if I could.


Thread needs Zanka Claus. Thread gets Zanka Claus


You say that but there is NO FOOTBALL on Sunday (or Monday obvs)

My yearly trip to Carrow Rad tonight, sort of dreading the quality of football/toxic atmosphere but looking forward to seeing some ATD’s and Bae:

It is Brentford though

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I have a signed photo of Big Nev! (good work @Slicky x)

My festive football itinerary is as follows:
Tomorrow: Millwall at home
Boxing Day: Hull away
Next Saturday: Ipswich away (yep, you heard…)
Two weeks today: Man Utd away (tickets subsidised by our chairman - top bloke)

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Who are currently above us! Apparently we have a better record against Brentford at home than any other current championship side though so here’s hoping

Have a feeling that Farke is on borrowed time…

I think he will get a whole season (he should) we’re not as stable as we were a year ago when we canned Neil but there is some story about a “player revolt” and one of his german lads is going home to Dresden already so… currently it feels like a failed experiment, sadly, but the nature of this league being as it is, we were in this position last year and still finished 8th(!) somehow

Have Norwich fans done a “Farke off” banner yet?


GUESSING this was meant or me but yes, but originally it was meant positively

Realised I probably just posted this in the wrong thread.

I am very pleased with this purchase.


nice. is it from the same place that did the classic welbz smiley face shirt?

Dunno. This was from badly drawn footballers.