Festive Friday Selfie Thread - December 1st edition


I can assure you I am most definitely wearing trousers.



What’s that then? I don’t have one of those.



Ok nice flesh coloured trousers


Me and the only festive thing I have, yet. PUDDING


I took my selfie this morning but it’s not festive
My hair was just being strange and I couldn’t be bothered with it

@witches are we twinning with our t-shirts today??


This picture is massive!!
Can someone edit this to make it not massive??


there appears to be a snow pattern on your top, so I’ll allow it


I’ll take it!


hey big picture! you got a big enough picture?


Also can I get some eyebrow appreciation going on?
Got them done the other day after being an unruly bush and fuck me they change my whole face and mood. I AM A KWEEN WHO CAN TAKEOVER THE WORLDDDDD


eyebrows are on point :ok_hand:

also I have a big head/face, and it’s totally alright. more head/face to look fit


Excellent eyebrows meow :+1:


Jetlagged 4am selfie with bed hair. Nothing festive with me in my suitcase, sorry.


The TV bought me an advent calendar with my name on it, what a babe

(I’m still in my pyjamas because I had to start work at 8)


oh my goodness

surely the chocolate with your name on it should be a secret for the biggest and best door, tho




THANK YOU ANGEL :heart: :kissing_heart:



you would be wise to fear it. it’s so dense with festive stuff that you can’t see through it.