Festive lurker amnesty


Hiya, who are ya and where d’ya come from?


Alright, Cilla. :grin:




Been reading the boards for years but rarely feel inclined to contribute. Posted a couple of times recently, mind. Sometimes I make an effort for a while before receding into the background again. Its similar to how I interact with the real world actually. Hiya!




Seasons greetings p_h


Like @phantom_heart I used to read back in the day and post very very occasionally.
The new boards are miles better though and the community seems so lovely I keep meaning to contribute more.
Merry Christmas bye!


Hi,been lurking for years on the music board but mostly forgetting that this one exists at all.Happy holidays!


post / username disparity here


You appear to have DiS the wrong way round :wink:


Really enjoying how many newbies have shown up over the last couple of days, really freshens things up. Well done everyone


it has generally been really lovely on here the last few days, what with secret santa and then christmas and stuff. it’s been such a lovely thing to be part of :slight_smile:


Yeah i didn’t do secret Santa even tho I said I would after it was lovely last year. Next year tho!


yeah, get involved! :smiley:


Long time lurker across both old and new forums. I always found the old ones a little intimidating. This seems like a much more healthy place. I think I’ll make more of an effort to get involved from now on. :slight_smile:


welcome! please do, it’s nice here. everyone’s lovely :slight_smile:


I think I mainly only ever post in these amnesty threads, or the DiS Footy ones. Hiya!


Hi! Fairly regular lurker, really enjoy all the chat here and on the music board but never quite make the step to contributing (maybe a bit like real life!)


Have you met @WizardLizard ?


Hi guys, new user here, bit shy to post really