Festive Meltdown Audit

Any happened yet?

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  • Someone else

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  • Food
  • Too drunk
  • Political opinions
  • General bickering
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I have had a minor meltdown after getting too hot cooking dinner, not being able to eat and then the baby screaming because she’s tired. I’m now having a time out like a baby while the actual baby hangs out downstairs.


was just a really nice day, I was surprised at how festive and sociable I was feeling as I normally find it stressful


Washing up was tense due to inflexibility over each others washing up methods. Now in the living room whilst mum and sister make a third dessert (there are three of us!!). Other than that, it’s been lovely

It’s just me and my partner, it’s brilliant


ditto - getting random updates from my sister via WhatsApp rather than her actually being here and inevitably shouting at someone for some reason is far more pleasant


More of an inward melt down, but since about 2pm I have been struggling baaad. R was overtired I was overtired… have been hiding away as much as possible to try not shout at people.

Autism and Christmas don’t mix for me anymore, can’t do with all this non-standard scheduling and sensory bombardment :frowning:

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Only a minor one (and we’re not even with them), but:

  • Mrs CCB’s sister wanted us to open our presents from her over video call;
  • Mrs CCB said that she didn’t want to do this (as our eldest gets way over-excited about this sort of thing) but suggested that we just have a regular video call instead;
  • Mrs CCB’s sister then doesn’t pick up when we try to call, and says that she’s not feeling up to it;
  • Mrs CCB’s mum then calls this afternoon and says that we’ve upset Mrs CCB’s sister, thus making Mrs CCB upset.

There are various mitigating factors: Mrs CCB’s sister has low moods from time to time (and is basically on her own for Christmas); Mrs CCB’s mum isn’t getting any younger and is more and more prone to putting her foot in it. Nevertheless it’s impressive that we’ve managed to have a family fall-out even though we’re in three separate locations.


The pic of you and r on insta warmed my cockles.

Feel free to DM if you want to vent or owt.


Actually been alright this year. 2015 was a shitshow, this one is a 10/10 in comparison.

Thanks :slight_smile:

He was mostly so good today, glad he copes better with changes to his routine than I do!

Things are easier now he is asleep, though I feel guilty for thinking that.

Cracking argument between my sister and my brother in law over whether or not the bowls that had been put out were the soup bowls or the dessert bowls or what bloody difference did it make anyway?!

My poor gf was stuck in the middle of this, chopping melon.


Did they have Leon bowls?

They did not.

Wouldn’t eat out of anything else.

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Had the audacity to suggest that Rihanna has sold more records than Springsteen (which is true) and my bellend of a stepdad has gone into a huff, refuses to believe it’s true :joy: utterly pathetic behaviour. Keeps bringing it up.


First time anyone in Bearsden had seen melon?


Haha, nothing like a trivia quiz to bring out the bad losers


swerved the xmas argument like a boss :sunglasses:

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Apparently no one here has ever questioned whether property is theft and now I’m being taken elsewhere.

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Did you make a joke about Rooibos?

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