Festive payday dates

getting paid three days early thanks Christmas.

January will hate me.


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although in my previous job is was like 11 days early, that was fucking a nightmare

I have absolutely no idea :woman_shrugging:


Get paid this Friday and then not again until January 31st! Absolutely incapable of budgeting for this kind of thing so will be rationing out the satsuma in my Christmas stocking come January 20th.


Clearly someone’s doing pre-tty well for themselves.

I’m assuming you budget well and I congratulate you on your skills, I get enough of spreadsheets at work that I’m quite reluctant to do this kind of thing at home.

Got paid last Friday, will be paid again in a month’s time.

my regular pay day’s the 21st anyway so i don’t think it’d make any difference tbh

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Dec 14th, then Jan 28th :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

Was gonna ask you if you were gonna go big for the DiS meat then but I’m assuming a) you’re still admirably cutting down on the boozing and 2) you’re still going to the Pile of Fucking Shite?

a) yes, but would have been okay for a meat, just would take is easy
2) yep, going away on friday unforchhhhh



'kin 'ell :anguished:

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21st, then not again until 24th. It’ll be fine.

Same as normal

Got this in my head now.


No idea.

I’ve ticked the box for my Christmas bonus to go to the chazzwazzer too, because I’m basically a living saint, obviously.

Thanks for reminding me to check.

Last working day of the month, so same as normal - December 31st (NYE blowout woohoooooo)

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Paid early, so the 19th. Not paid until the 3rd then though. FACK.

Really don’t feel I give that album enough love.

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It’s certainly my favourite.