Festive period Mileage competition

Who is going to travel the furthest between 20/12/2018 and, let’s arbitrarily say 03/01/2019

Major journies ONLY

Sheffield - Woodford - Colchester - Blackpool - Sheffield

608 miles. Eurgh

Approx 1500km

932.0568 miles

Home (NL) to brother in law’s place (UK) and back

Mileage please, and some details

I’m going to ignore your dates, and say that I’ll be travelling to Australia and spending Christmas there (we’re going to Oz before 20th, and coming back after 3rd Jan).

10,300 miles apparently

Rob.orch currently losing with 0


Not that far.

London - Pisle of Shight - London: 187 mile round-trip.

Does include a catamaran though.

Reckon caitlin moran likes a catamaran?

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I mean, who doesn’t???

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Rod (single) Hull.


Actually it won’t be a catamaran as you’re not allowed to take :bike: on there. It’ll be a proper ship.

Should take a tandem pedalo and count it towards the festive 500


London - Hungerford - York - Wakefield - Durham - Swindon - London

713 miles, trains in/out of London, all other journeys in a car.

Cork to Clonmel return journey by bus. 195km in total.

is it because I calculated an “as the crow flies” distance, and didn’t factor in the stopover in Singapore?

Dublin - Sussex - Dublin - Belfast - Dublin

Pretty painless really, don’t care how many miles cheers

You have declared 0 miles for the relevant period. I don’t make the rules

Stratford - Peckham (8.2 miles)

Zero miles. Travelling during Christmas/New Year is hell on earth.

Please all of you leave town though, London is so lovely when it’s quiet and empty.

Jokes on you hoogy, I’ll be coming TO London (briefly, to the outskirts)

Brno, CZ - Stansted, UK: 930
Stansted to Tottingham: 30
St Pancras to Corby: 90
Corby to Stansted: 77
Stansted to Brno: 930

Total: 2,057 miles

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