🦪 Festive Season Buffet Food Review Thread (Rolling) 🦪

Cause why not!

These are in the Xmas Buffet section at the 'trose and they are 10/10 goodness. Didn’t try the dip though cause pomegranate didn’t really grab me. I had sweet chilli instead.


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From M&S. These were fucking vile. Are 2 and binned the rest of the uncooked box. So gross. Nope nope nope.


Chicken Doughnuts
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All the Morrison’s stuff was pretty bland and bang average tbh :frowning:

Oh that’s rubbish.

The main things I like are some kind of wrapped prawn and breaded cheeses :drooling_face:

It’s like a sweet crispy crushed up waffle
the sauce is spicy bbq

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the doughnut hole closed up and it was all soggy :frowning:


Garlic breaded mushrooms
Indian snack selection
Veggie pigs in blankets
Mozzarella sticks
Veggie tart things
Spring rolls

All bang average :frowning:

Gonna go somewhere else next week :eyes:

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Pls do!

I think it’s important to test these things out before serving them. Boy would my face have been red if I’d served those chicken doughnuts to my in laws on Christmas Eve!

So far:
Nacho chicken. Had both the M&S and Lidl variants.
Lidl was better tbh but both nice.
Chicken donuts from M&S were yummy.
Mini chicken kievs from M&S nice.
Satay chicken skewers from Lidl, yum.
Spring rolls from M&S and Lidl - grand, can’t really go wrong I spose.

I’ll keep yous all posted. Gotten into habit of party foods for dinner a few days a week.

You liked them?!

I think i’ll try mini kievs too.
I’m also in the market for good little mini cheese burgers for my buffet

Had so far:

Sainsbury’s Yakitori Chicken Skewers - 8/10 a little bland but not half bad

Sainsbury’s Tempura Prawns - 10/10 hard to get wrong tbh

Sainsbury’s Prawn Toast Stars - 9/10 very nice and surprisingly authentic

M&S Mini Meat Pies - 8/10 not enough filling due to the size but very tasty

M&S Battered Cocktail Sausages - 10/10 nice crunchy thick batter and delicious curry sauce for dipping

M&S Brie And Cranberry Tartlets - 7/10 too heavy on the cranberry for me.

Mrs F has won a £100 M&S voucher so we’re going party food shopping tomorrow and I’ll have a lot more to add here.


Hmm, I pretty-much never buy this sort of thing. Buffet food for me is coldcuts, cheeses, pickles, crackers etc. Really fancy a big bag of asian supermarket samosas now but they’re not really festive

Does anywhere do pork belly bites this year? Asking for a friend

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My house. I make them covered in maple syrup and wholegrain and they’re amazing. I’ll post you some.


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Really easy to make tbh. Syrup, wholegrain and a bit of garlic. Would recommend getting the pork belly from a butcher instead of a supermarket cause it’ll be thicker and work better in bite form.

Yeah I do it myself sometimes with honey and mustard tracklements

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What now?

I sure did!
Read your wee bit about them there. Mind turned out grand and weren’t soggy etc. The waffle bits were nice and cinamony maybe and the swett bbq was tasty.
Might just be diff preferences :slightly_smiling_face:

The kievs were tasty.
Must check for mini burgers/sliders myself.

Also had the mini pizzas from Lidl - :+1:

Pretty sure you must sell this in your shop

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Oh no wait, maybe it’s this