🦪 Festive Season Buffet Food Review Thread (Rolling) 🦪

We don’t but we should! Most of our stuff like that is Devon or Cornwall made.

I’m a big fan of the tracklements back catalogue

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“Tracklement”, “Piquancy”.

Both perfectly cromulent words to embiggen that description :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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On the subject of ketchup, this is amazing

I think you sent me a bottle of this and I haven’t opened it yet!

What can I buy from tezzas to put this on?

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Really good with burgers or just chips, also very nice in a bacon/sausage sandwich.

Sorry I’ll translate; roll with bacon/sausage.

I lived in England for 16 years

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I know, I was being mischievous.

  • Have eaten and yum
  • Have eaten and vom
  • Would eat
  • Would not eat

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I bought some and they taste a bit off

Looking forward to trying these (in freezer currently)


I liked the look of these! They said salt and vinegar flavoured batter too.


M&S had them I think.
They also had some little pork pork cornbread bite things.

pulled pork not pork pork :laughing:

They are! The s&v is subtle but makes a difference.

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Can confirm that this has taken place. Think we may have very nearly bought one of everything.


Full review when consumed pls!


Absolutely. Most looking forward to the lobster mac n cheese bites.

Saw these in Tezcarinoninos, decided to stick with a second tray of potato skins. Figured there’d be no way they’d be anything more than disappointing.

Quite a few of the bits I fancies from Marks’s were out of stock, but have got some battered sausages and pork belly squares, might have another go next week.

Also gonna have a rummage in Aldi and see what they’ve got - they usually do some mini churros that are decent.

I got those too! But they’ve been put in the freezer for The Big Day. Waaaaah.

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