Fever Dreams

Have you ever had a fever dream?

I had one on Friday night.

I know there are people here fond of trotting out the old “nothing’s more boring than hearing about peoples’ dreams” line; but fever dreams are different.

They’re more lucid but they make less sense, and it feels like they’ll never end. Mine was full of numbers.



I had a dream where I was a cyclist and bought all the cycling things and put them on and talked about it endlessly


Yes, I have. They’re not fun but then no part of being that sick is.

I had a dream once that I woke up, had a shower, had breakfast, got dressed and then left the house.

I then woke up very angry I had to do it all again


Cool avatar Theo I loved Short Circuit


Well I’ll be.

I now feel vindicated but I don’t know why.

When I had the flu a few years ago (it was definitely flu and not a bad cold - after that experience I definitely know the difference). I had an extremely vivid dream/hallucination that I was a parsnip and was being split from the bottom (not the bum) as if Chile was being peeled away from Argentina.

'er indoors nearly took me to the hospital at that point.

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It’s not very The Germs but I’ll take it.

Probably should’ve @'d @zxcvbnm in this one too

Oh I see, you’ve both got the same avatar now.


I know it’s not the same thing but your dream reminded me of this -


Sexybum is just going around copying people’s avatars but you’ll note: Ruffers is his right eye and sexybum’s his left eye!

Yeah, I get them when I have a high temperature, I generally enjoy them.

Had one where I realised that of all the numbers the only one you could really trust was a 2 because it’s the only one with a solid base. The others would all fall over in a strong wind. Some of them are just taking the piss.


Oh yeah!

A subtle comment on their politics.

Yeah but 8 and 0 would just roll about and be fine.

Talking of numbers, the other night my daughter said, “I want the brain gain machine music,” to which I responded with, “yeah, no idea what that is, sorry,” etc. She said “Google it daddy,” (how has she learned this, FFS?) so I did to shut her up but fucking hell:

Kids, eh?

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I done a sleep paralysis once

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I probably mentioned this on Old DiS, but I had a cold once and my friend, that night, sent me a link to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie. Partway through watching it, I realised I seemed to have a bit of a fever. A combination of those two things led to an insane night, fever dream-wise.

At one point, I woke up and just bolted to the bathroom because I’d dreamt that someone had challenged me to a race.