Few numbs for you


Can’t be bothered to do any more.




4 8 15 16 23 42

(FM) 19

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Why the fuck did they ever think this was a good idea?

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I have never listened to Shellac but I hear they once played ATP

Have you considered a tie in with Paul Hardcastle’s 19? Could make it about the tragedy of 19 old millionaires buying their mum’s houses. @anon5266188

This is not a good starting point.

You should listen to this one track and whenever someone says "Have you listened to Shellac?"you can say "Yeah, I’ve heard that number song, it’s a real piece of shit ergo they are pieces of shit"then you can watch the Shellac fan cry in front of you and you can ride away on your Harley (Davison) into the sunset.

I’m bound by an NDA I’m afraid

I wouldn’t want to make @anon50098204 cry… again.

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I ain’t no shellac fan

Some good numbers here: List of British bingo nicknames - Wikipedia

Many of those have not aged well at all.

What about the numbers song?

Oh no, he’s crying again!

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I have watched sesame street

I like that 15 has no explanation

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^kill him
Fuckin kill him


No, that’s the wrong one, I meant the one by the band Shillac which I have linked 6 posts above.

56 Shotts Bus