Ffffs this is the third time I've tried to post this Sunday Dinner Thread


What you eating now huns?

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Having a cheese and crisp sandwich

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At me mams. Made her a ham and branston pickle one.

Chinese for dinner

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Haven’t had anything yet today.

I have the following in the fridge…

  • Lamb chops
  • Bacon
  • Salmon
  • Baby pots
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Butter
  • Salami
  • Parma ham
  • something else

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What am I having

I had leftover butternut squash curry with some naan bread.

Now? I’ve got a bag of Aldi knock-off Pom Bears and a cheese and onion pasty.

I’ve been informed we’re having steak, rice and veg for dinner when I get home.


Aldi does knock off poms?

Teddy Faces is the wonderfully original product name. And they have the most disturbing looking mascot on the packaging…

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pork cutlet and grelos. grelos aren’t a thing in the UK (think it’s known as ‘Rapini’?) i don’t think but they’re emblematic of this part of Spain and they’re awesome. like a tastier version of spinach.

Had a sort of ploughmans for lunch. Got ingredients for a stew this evening, but it’s gone really warm now the rain’s stopped, so I’m regretting that decision a bit.

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No boiled potatoes with that, amig9?

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a tablespoon of boiled potato because i’m watching what I eat :cry:

I see your Teddy Face and will raise you to Rice Snaps Crocodile.


Got a quiche from mozzas for 30p


no idea what to do and cba to cook as we have no food in. might just have pb on toast

“Cottage pie” with #mash and #tenderstem

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Bugger and Brussels sprouts @avery you troll


I mean if that’s what you’re into…

Think I’m having crisps, Haribo and Rekorderlig.

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