Ffs it's monday

Morning folks. Got nothing to do today, need to find a job. What’s going on with you?

Fuck @SouthernRailUK. Just fuck them. The absolute omnicunts…

No idea what I have to do today quite honestly.

Morning. I’m tired, need to pour buckets of coffee into my head.

Had a great time walking round the city at the weekend, found some absolutely stunning places. Big :+1:

Good weekend. DiS drinks Saturday then saw an ATD and his TV yday and had a top time.
So much to do this week and forgot I have Friday off to drive a wedding cake down to London (TV is making our friend’s cake). Yay…

FINALLY well again after a week being ill.

My son’s having a week at his grandmas, so this week we’re gonna go to the cinema! Twice!! To a racist Daniel Kitsonshow!! To the pub!!!

Unbelievable scenes.




I hope not. She’s really worried about it.

There Will Be Tiers. I’m sure it’ll be grand man.


Oh aye she’s an amazing baker, I was just tiredly riffing on your response. Read it back and it seemed like I was just being morose. Tried editing to save it. Gave up.

What sort of job? I thought you were gainfully employed doing video editing?


Pub on Friday. Didn’t bother penoiding on Saturday. Day time drinking on Sunday.

No great plans this week, save for some practice for the extremely prestigious Essex Regional on Saturday.

Morning, watched the sun rise through the houses and trees outside our lounge window, one of my favourite times of the day. I haven’t missed a sunrise yet this year. Our cat was loving it too, I could see him sitting on the fence in a shaft of light just having a ball. So peaceful.

Monday already huh :pensive:

Had a lovely weekend back with my father-in-law even though he dropped a bit of a bomb in that he’s started seeing somebody and has been for 3 months. My wife was initially a bit upset but we’re all very happy for him.

Go back to bed Aphex.

Morning. Quiet times at work. No-one else in from my area today. Suspect my sum of work will be some just below fuck all.

School holidays = no traffic = an extra 20 mins in bed (could’ve made it a half hour tbh)

Found a fiver in the car park at work.

Everything’s coming up Milhouse!


Hi everyone. I played the Lovecraft version of Pandemic yesterday. It doesn’t actually seem possible to win it.

It’s my partner’s birthday today. Pizza later.

I’m freelance. Jobs for me last anywhere from a day or two to several months. Have to constantly hustle for the next one.

Ooh right. Shit :frowning:

Hi eric, DiS, etc.

Saturday night was Drinking Mario Kart. Was a fantastic night and I came second, which I was chuffed with considering how slowly I seem to drink compared to everyone else.

Saw the boy yesterday and he requested lunch at ‘the pasta place’ (Byron. Don’t ask me). Was good anyway.

Last night I started writing some music and got into it, so I sacked off going to bed early to get up for GoT, will have to watch this evening. Oh, hoping to hear back about that job today – eek.

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