☄ FFVII Rebirth

Cos I don’t wanna crowd the gaming thread too much.
Please could we use spoilers and state which chapter you’re on above them.

This guy, @joke, are sick with excitement.

When will the next part of the remake be released?

  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
  • 2024
  • Later
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I am waiting on the post to come which will hopefully have my copy in. Listening to the Waypoint podcast has got me so excited.

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Would it be mad to play this one without having played the original?

Its downloaded but I cant play till friday

Cheeky get

I’ve heard promising things though, and I’m glad they seemingly ain’t playing it safe. I hope nerds are unhappy

No I don’t think so, it’s supposed to be good for newcomers

  • Mah-co
  • May-co

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Want it but I’m also 6 hours in FFVIII and 9 hours into FFXV so I should probably get those done first

I hope you have to run up infinite stairs in this one still

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Installed, it’s just tantalisingly sitting there waiting for me to dive in


Hope they patch that out

Old curmudgeon checking in. Seems to have lost a lot of it’s charm and ambition. Lots of filler, standard JRPG tropes shoved in (that they have already managed to avoid almost a quarter of a century ago :upside_down_face: ) and guess what a focus on dumbing down and style over substance.
Like all mainstream video games rn! Get in.


You and Eric sharing accounts now?


Aaaah shite

There’s a mission where a shop keeper makes you hunt rats

Imagine if they’d got Jimmy Nail in to voice Cloud

If the FF7 remake was set in modern day Newcastle not Midgard I would be in there like swimwear.

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really don’t want to pay £50 for just the first part. I mean, I’m going to end up doing exactly that, but I’m not happy about it. how many parts are there going to be?

“the planet’s dyin’ cloud!”
“[He’s lying]”

I wasn’t going to, but then lockdown happened and I was like aaaah alright then

Probably 3, one game per disc of the original, and as much padding out as they feel necessary.
They don’t seem to have understood how important a part of it was when the world map and stuff gets unlocked for you. Now it’s just a different game. Naff.