☄ FFVII Remake: The Thread

Right away pretty much, when you leave the room you start in with the others walk down and fight some monsters then go up into the control room and you should see chudley, walk out the door and down the hall and you should see the training simulator dome thing (should all be on the map too)

Sweet. Are there a lot of new battles?

Not loads (think it’s about 8 in total?) but there’s 2 group ones that are really hard. It’s also a good spot for farming AP as well (the “two person v high flyers” one anyway). I’ve not tried replaying the game on hard mode yet but I think I’m gonna boss it once I’m done with this bit.

Not remake related but just saw a world map of FF7… And how bad a name is Bone Village? It’s not the best game for place names but at least something like Cosmo Canyon has some pizzazz.

Like imagine being asked where you live and having to say Bone Village. Terrible.

Up there with Mount Doom

Create whole languages and mythologies for your story, have the big bad based at “Mount Doom”. Ffs




started it, hate it already. please inundate me with more menus and pointless battle commands so i can continue mashing square regardless.

The combat definitely gets a bit more tactical as it goes on. There’s a fair amount of switching between characters, pausing to get yer magic in there and all that.

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It’s the same seizure-inducing bollocks as 15. Wish they’d find a battle system that works and stick to it.


Nah fuck this, played two hours and all i’ve done is the same encounter with guards a hundred times. Oh and sephiroth turned up to say hello for reasons. Ahm oot.

Finally completed it…

Combat - excellent
Everything else? The super linear gameplay, the melodramatic, bordering unlikeable, male characters, the lame side quests, the actually really interesting, but not wanted over here, remix element to the story that pulls apart the original.

The original game is a hundred times better. That game holds its charm throughout… this one, I personally feel, they dropped the ball on not simply creating a PS4 remake of the original, with some quality of life features and maybe some optional new content.

I give this 7/10

Finally had a chance to sink some substantial time into this over the weekend. Up to Hojo’s lab. I’m still not in love with it and there’s been way too many boring sewer sections but those moments of familiarity from the original verge on transcendent. Shinra HQ was exceptional, loved how they included the ridiculous take the stairs option, I did it just to see if they committed to it and thank God they did. Will go back and do the other option at some point as well though.

Reckon I’ve probably got about three hours or so left, hopefully it sticks the landing…

I think i liked the ending on balance (honestly might give the whole thing another playthrough at some point) but it sure does suck all the atmosphere out of one of my favourite bits of the original game

Finally finished it. I would describe it largely as a big disappointment with an enormously frustrating amount of “this is what i wanted, why couldn’t you have given me more?” moments.

Any good reviews/vids to tackle out there?

This was really bloody great and I haven’t even played the remake

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