Fiat 500 Thread (rolling)

I keep going to post some quality Rylan, Gemma Collins or reality tv content in the social media thread but it doesn’t seem right and there’s always the risk of a scorn pouring from your erics or your rufferses

So here is a nice thread for things like

Big brother memories
Posting that Tiffany Pollard or Sad Little Life Jane clip for the 50th time
Sharing tiktoks
Missing McDonalds

I hope you all enjoy yourselves x


That’s what I’m talking about

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I don’t even go in there! I don’t think

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From my own Facebook memories

it’s a Fiat 500X so technically

hated that car so, so much

still don’t really get the whole Fiat 500 thing tbh, and as a Fiat 500 owner this confuses me a great deal

going by that I think my wife is more just a fan of Fiat 500s (has a couple of t-shirts, is building a Lego Fiat 500 at the moment) than being Fiat 500. definitely some boxes ticked though :thinking:

strongbow dark fruits twitter is another one I have heard of but don’t get. think I just don’t get the whole sub category of Twitter thing tbh, grouping a load of people then zooming in on one thing and that’s their name :man_shrugging:

(sorry for sidetracking the thread and probably making it boring)

I will fight and possibly die for the Fiat 500s right to like “popular” things instead of boring themselves to death with The National.


I did a strong in dark fruits keg stand a few summers ago

The National have a big Strongbow Dark Fruits following these days. Strangely.

Hipster culture is absolutely as much a part of mainstream culture like fast food and reality tv etc, it’s just marketed different to align with gentrification. Take something like Netflix where you can choose that weird dating show or you can watch a documentary on Yemen or something. S’all the same.


Here’s this though

This woman’s about 40
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By Christ I had no idea about this and I almost bought a Fiat 500 2 months ago.

They’re the perfect city car!


live your best life hun


I think my Fiat 500 score would’ve been much higher during The Simple Life/Paris Hilton’s New BFF era. I ate that shit up like nobody’s business. Stars Are Blind also a stone cold classic, for some reason I set my voicemail message when it came out to a poor quality recording of it.


I have just bought these for my gaff actually



Well if you watch the video you’ll be able to see that the essentially meaningless phrase “stars are blind” features very heavily in her art some fifteen(?) years later!

She’s so amazing. The work in progress collage was fascinating; a load of jewels, joined for some reason by Sonic The Hedgehog.

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I am a bit like why didn’t she get someone to teach her how to paint, surely she could’ve just bought her way into any art school she wanted