According to health authorities we should be eating 30g of fibre a day in order to prevent amongst other things, bowel cancel

In order to eat this much fibre every day you need to follow something like this:

I don’t eat enough fibre at all. Are you eating enough? Do you even know how much you’re eating?

Definitely not getting my fibre day


2 x black coffee

A dozen weetabix for breakfast each day

If I don’t slice my banana, am I missing out on fibre?


don’t eat nearly enough, but my one a day supplements have a bunch in there. So I’m taking that as a win.

i’m still on dial up


No I think you get more

looks like i’m usually around 25-30g

haven’t been monitoring it. probably won’t start.


this is the 1970s in food

This is a good pun.


(Poo joke)

Still outraged that potato doesn’t count as one of your five a day

Might start eating beans for breakfast

I mean, no one has ever eaten beans for lunch have they (apart from Morrissey)

4 bowls of bran flakes should cover it

Yes. I get at least 30g a day according to MyFitnessPal, often 40g.

Please update your spreadsheet accordingly.

Actually quite regularly have 3 weetabix for breakfast so half way there

most days i’ll have banana, strawberries and wholemeal bread. Sometimes I’ll have a bowl of bran flakes

That’s mostly it, thanks for listening

*Opens spreadsheet, clicks on text box *
Scout farts like a trooper