I bought some Holland and Barrett fibre pills so maybe ?


Actually since I’ve upped my fibre I don’t at all. Is that normal?

wooaaahhh living on the pears

(apparently pears have fibre too)


Pears also have something in them that makes you break down cholesterol and they’re really really good for your heart.


Depends if you’ve cut down on other stuff (eg cheese)

Recently discovered kefir and my pooing is now absolutely 10/10.


All about the roughage

Yeah. Went properly vegan. Don’t eat processed food. Didn’t realise how good and healthy I felt until the last few weeks of eating junk to get me through my uni work.

don’t like pears

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I’m actually alright with fibre, but 'er indoors can’t have too much insoluble fibre so that can be a bit limiting.

I learned this from Bob Mortimer

ffs japes

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Absolutely no chance I’m getting enough fibre. Don’t eat breakfast cereal, have massively cut bread out and I’m not going to start getting involved with beans on the regular so…

Do eat more potatoes than any human should mind. Another day, another refuting of Douglas Adams’ quote that “It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes”. He is wrong and he always will be wrong.

As did I

Pears should be

  • Softer and juicy
  • Apple crunchy

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what kind of maniac is gonna vote for apple crunchy?

I thought so too :frowning:

That original recommended diet looks like a lot of carbs.

Is there some service where they can just tell me exactly what to eat and when to eat it so I don’t die?

Was Brian Harvey just trying to hit his fiber RDA???

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fiber RDA are higher for men iirc
38 vs 28 iirc

just cane 2 extra baked potatoes to be on the safe side lads

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