Fictional Dystopias

just spent the entire time thinking “man i’m old as fuck. what the hell is going on. who the fuck is that? have they spoken before? don’t think i remember her, but not 100% sure”

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No thanks.

I missed off Hunger Games sorry

Hmmm I’m putting you down as “Morlock” then.

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is the hunger games like running man where everything is totally fine unless you get picked as a hungry?

Yeah, everything’s fine really.

The Matrix

@ma0sm, you know what happens to over 30s in Logan’s Run?

Yeah matrix is absolutely fine. Maybe we’re already there maaaan.

wait, what bit am i signing up for? the tasty steak or keanu’s misery boat

it’s very much a dealbreaker

The Matrix - would you

  • Blue Pill
  • Red Pill (strictly in the context of the movie not some fedora incel bullshit)
  • Red Pill (some fedora incel bullshit)

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can’t remember which ones which


I THINK red one means you wake up in a bag of jelly with cables in your spine.
Blue = steak.

EDIT: Hope we got it right.

Fucking done.

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The fucking pits were probably the scariest part

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What pill do I need to take to give Damo from Home and Away a kicking?

pfft whole lot of folks who wouldn’t want to wake up in the charred, sunless husk of earth run by robots.

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is ths the one where their sorted into societies based on their emotions or something and people are only allowed one emotion at a time, and the hero is the only person to ever have had two different kinds of feelings or something

you heard me!!!

That’s basically it, yeah. Our heroine is meant to be like Smart Girl but decides to be Action Girl, but yet is also still smart. And everyone just can’t even.

Eventually It turns out the whole thing is some mad genetic experiment Jeff Daniels has been running to try and divine a perfect society to save humanity or something, which amazingly makes even less sense the more you think about it.

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