Fidel Castro



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That’s what happens when you lose your mod powers.


Post your treasured memories of Fidel ITT mates.

I liked it when he overthrew the Cuban regime and stuck it to the U.S. gov. Made a fool of serial sex pest Jack the K w/r/t the missile crisis, dicked upon stupid brontosaurus Ronald Regan with merry abandon, gave the middle finger to the U.S intelligence services for decades, even fucked off the fucking Mafia and walked away without a scratch. That’s class right there, real class. Top lad.

Him and Che probably sharing a well earned drink up there right now I should say.

Obama isn’t going to pardon Assata, is he :upside_down:

Thought he died ages ago.

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Yes, Cuba had a shameful record on LGBT rights in the early years following the revolution (stemming from social attitudes prevalent across the region).

They changed this in later years and they now educate against homophobia. As someone pointed out to me today, Cuba offers free gender reassignment as part of its national health service. Doesn’t erase the shameful history but things changed, and he blamed himself in the end for the injustices. I think he made some very positive changes around health care, education and poverty alleviation in Cuba and around the world including helping the ANC when basically nobody else was paying attention to apartheid. As you say, a grey area but the loss of a powerful figure nonetheless.


Yeah I think it genuinely weighed heavily on him, as he admitted publicly

Don’t think many leaders would do the same, but yeah - it still happened.
Either way I think with Trump’s alarming opinions on Cuba it’s going to be a rocky few years for them.


This Tweet bears considering I think:

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rest in piss

His actions in Western Somalia in the early 1970s was pretty brutal too and caused a huge refugee crises that was barely reported at the time.

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Yeah me too, this sort of stuff reads like horrifying alt history fiction tbh

There’s a bit on it in here, as part of Mandela’s speech from 1991:

There’s no mention of Ethiopia, Somalia or Ogaden in there that I could see?

Yeah, which is what @Ruffers and @anon26275971 said they wanted to know more about.

Okay, it was because you replied to that specific post about that war.

Apology accepted.

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Obama’s statement was an exercise in sheer class, have to say:

Not sure there’s ever been such such an evident gulf between the President and President-Elect in matter such as this.

(The less said about Corbyn’s statement the better)