Fidel_Catstro gone?


The most hateful, worst disser GONE. Sounds like he has done something AWFUL
Let’s all discuss, and stop @elthamsmateowen for deciding what we can and can’t do and protecting the nob


You seem nice!


hello and welcome to the boards, new user


What’s the deal with all this gubbins?


As someone who had numerous beef with him I am curious, not interested in the details but should I feel vindicated in not being a fan of him?


No. He was still pretty much right in all the arguments he had on here.




Deeply unsurprising end to a shitshow career, good riddance tbh
edit: that’s actually probably a bit harsh but he wasn’t very nice
edit edit: and the fucker banned me on the old forum!!


Yeah, this.

No idea how @elthamsmateowen has got anything to do with this, though.


I have no idea what happened, and I AM on facebook


was there something wrong with him i never noticed?


you seem like quite a sadcase


I thought it was made clear in other threads that it would be shitty to discuss anything about this here.

If I see any more threads about it, I will shut them down (can someone flag them if I’m not about?).