Fidget toys

Apparently these are THE NEW CRAZE for kids in much the way yo-yos (check out the gears!) and Pokemon cards were in my day.

Shit like this:

And this:

The spinning thing in particular looks shit.

The top one looks like it would be very satisfying.

I’m not very fidgety though, just very lazy.

what do these do, exactly?

The inventor of these has barely made any money from them:

Give you something to fiddle with if you’re a fidgeter. Or have ADHD etc.

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Not going to lie Eps, I’ve actually just bought one of the cubes off Amazon, was only like £2, so it’s obviously a plasticky fake that will fall apart and be very unsatisfying, but fuck spending full whack on one. I am a fidgeter, but tend to be more of a leg jogger than a pen clicker, so we’ll see.

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My daughter asked me for one of these this morning. I feigned knowledge quite convincingly of what she was on about.

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that spinner thing is pure shit. gf’s nephew had one at our house the other day and he kept dropping it like a twat and then once he basically catapulted it across the room and nearly hit the dog so gf took it off him and told him to stop arsing about, then he went in a sulk. before that he told us hes going to get two more so he’d have three, i asked him why coz hes only got two hands, he said he dunno


seems like they might get in the way of my table drumming tbh


I can do a more accurate summary of the patent situation here, if you’d like.

I used to roll fags for something to do

Quite want one of these things

Not sure that I’ve got the attention span, tbh.

It’s a quickie: the patent would have expired in 2013, so she wouldn’t have made any money off the recent craze anyway.

So they really are a playground trend, huh?

I don’t get the appeal of the spinner at all.

It looks like the thing she designed was pretty different to the current iteration anyway.

It’s a bit like a yo-yo in that you can do tricks and stuff with it.

Oh god the Youtube videos.

Whatever happened to loom bands?

I’m reading the patent now and yeah, it’s questionable whether the granted claims would even cover the new ones.

Also contains the sentence: “Another object [i.e. purpose of the invention] is to provide a toy which can be used for the pleasure of children.”

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