Field day 2020

Back to one day and moved to July. Bicep headlining.

I have no idea who Bicep are. Clearly, Field Day is not aimed at me any more. Also, they are probably struggling to book anyone half decent.

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Same here. Never heard of them.

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Pretty big dance music act these days lads.

The big hit gets a fair bit of air time.


This one’s a belter.


I mostly listen to Deerhunter, garage rock, motorik/krautrock, psych rock and some singer-songwriter stuff. As far as electronic music goes, I like some Kompakt and Blackest Ever Black stuff and a few other things. As I stated above, this festival is no longer aimed at me.

Nothing against the band nor the genre but they’ve passed me by. I bought tickets today for L’Eppe and Taylor Swift. That probably explains why I’ve not heard of them.

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I’m at the other end of the spectrum in that I’ve had far too much Bicep. They always do the WHP/Printworks/misc big room circuit, they’re playing Brixton Academy in March, will probably be at most festivals as well. Supposed to be doing APE as well from what I’ve heard, which is probably why Field Day have announced this already.

I’m going to see L’Épée in Brighton and maybe London as well if the Brighton show is really good.

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Guessing Wide Awake is taking that ‘old’ FD vibe and they’re fully pushing the electronic thing then. Fair enough, I guess, a Bicep day will sell pretty well. Weird if they’re doing this and APE tho.

I think a bicep day will sell terribly given how ubiquitous they are.
Field Day has lost its original fan base and is on the verge of dying in my opinion…

Yeah I think it’s also on the verge of going pop and that’s why they’ll try desperately to change their market

Yeah Bicep are ubiquitous but if they have a new LP put which I think they’re meant to? Then it’ll do just fine.

Or, they’ve toured a lot, put in a lot of graft, and have become a much bigger deal since their last album came out?

Think a headline set by Bicep in the summer, in London, could go down pretty well. Not sure alone it can tell us whether this festival will sell or not, or what type of line up they’re planning. Think the change of venue was/still is a bigger issue. It’s not very central and a pain in the arse for a lot of people to get to.


Feels like that’s a feature, not a bug. At least one day has always been aimed squarely at the dance-minded student crowd, which has a fairly high turnover of “big” names.

Maybe it’s just easier to focus on a more electronic/jazz/whatever they’re planning day rather than mixing it with indie stuff? I think concentrating it on just one day again could make for a really good little day out.

All Points East will be hoovering up so many of the acts Field Day would normally book around that time, so I’m sure this shift is not for the want of trying.

Also 99% sure Bicep won’t be doing APE as well as this. Field Day will want an exclusive.

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Even billed on their twitter as a London festival exclusive so yep.

sounds like you are not aimed at field day any more, rather than the other way round. justice headlined the first or second one a long time ago, bicep are a similar booking.

Gone purely electronic now:

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I’m in