Field Day recommends?

Looked for another FD post and didn’t see one, apologies if I’m missing a thread.

Was given a ticket to this for my bday and haven’t been since 2013 when there were still a few guitar bands on the bill! I absolutely love Jon Hopkins and Fever Ray (though they’re clashing!) and my mate who got me the ticket is a massive Aphex Twin fan, but any other recommends for our day out? I like the weird and the wonderful or just a really good show. Help!

Arca (although not great live)
Sudan Archives


was great fun and VERY loud in Bilbao, twerking on her synth :smiley:

Think this pretty much nails it. Would also watch Moderat and SBTRKT if I had a gap. Probably Bonobo tbh if I just wanted to chill…

Fever Ray is a must watch


I’m obsessed with Art School Girlfriend’s new album. No idea what she’s like live but the record is wonderful.


Arca was very bad when I saw her last year. Think Moderat are on at the same time who do a big decent 'lectronica show

Sudan Archives is great fun and good daytime stuff.

I’m just adding the Festival tag to make this thread easier to spot.

On top of those already mentioned, I’d definitely see TSHA. Loved her album last year and had a great boogie to her at Primavera. Her music’s two steppy house and she plays it live with a band and singer(s)

Also Kelela, who released her second album for Warp this year. I guess her music alternative R&B, but you can tell why Warp picked her up.

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loving the Kelela track in ML this round

Yeah, that was a good choice. Her production is so lush.


Wrong thread

Any cheap tix yet

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Not seen anything other then ‘ballot’ competitions on Sky VIP and that Ladbrookes site, which were giving away an unspecified number of tickets.

Oh aye, how do they work?

I think it’s too late for Field Day now, unfortunately, although there are still chances to win for each of the weekend two days. Someone posted a link in the APE thread a week or two back:

The Sky one was in Sky VIP (like O2 Priority) but that’s ended now too.

Lol ladbrokes doesn’t like my details

that verification stage seems like overkill, although I guess somewhere down the line they’ll start selling the chance to get more entries

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If you know someone who works for the NHS, then tickets for Field Day (and the other APE events) went up on TicketsForGood the other day.

We got ours for £7.50 each, including booking fees.

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I’m going! See you there!

Mainly going for aphex but I reckon it’ll be fun!

Useful post!

Ah fantastic cheers