Field Music

There’s a Barbican gig next May:

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I think this will be a good gig. Field Music :+1:

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Would love a new album. Commontime stuck in my mind to the extent that I now sometimes hear other bands and think “I like this, reminds me of Field Music”. Also want Slug to make a new album, which I’m pretty sure they are.

I am going to both gigs. That Leeds lineup is incredible, and the organisers have assured me that the stages alternate, so nobody will miss something they want to see through clashes.

And I believe the new Slug record is about done.

New album due early 2018, apparently.


The new album is going to be called Open Here.

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anyone into the Cornshed Sisters?
Peter Brewis’s wife Jennie’s band. also produced by him and containing Liz who toured with FM, and someone from Kenickie i think

new record came out on friday, sounds quite nice

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This is excellent! Just added Honey & Tar to today’s listening queue :+1:

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Yep, Marie from Kenickie is in the band. I’m a fan.

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That sounds awesome…released on my birthday too! Great stuff.

This is lovely. Flipping well love the Field Music!

reckon they get away with the lyrics due to the delicious and joyful pop groove. Here on das tube for non spotify bods


I do like how David’s described it as their own ‘Material Girl’ :grinning:

Just listened to the Riley session. It’s all good but… that last track!

This event is this weekend. How is it not sold out? Look at that ruddy lineup. I’ll be there, anyway.

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I mean, not wishing to boast, but I’ve got a Premier Inn. :slight_smile:

Something else must be on that weekend because all the hotels are crazy expensive.

absolute masters of groove. The polish on their studio recordings is Steely Dan level

I love them so much.

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Dug out Measure for the first time in ages the other day and was totally blown away by how they so masterfully pulled off making a double album that was jam packed full of great tracks with very little filler / bloat.

Just such a brilliant band!