Fifa World Cup France 2019 Day 10: Thailand arise from the depths of despair?


Classic England this. Trying to do too much and ultimately being frustrating. Should still win though

Great save

There was some classic Robot Wars earlier on about crushed grapes, appreciated it.

“and now back to Dara in the studio”

Was just thinking how having robots in the corners could help end time wasting… Its sir killabot with the tackle!



Lovely lovely goal

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Such a smooth move.

I will now trademark the headline “Kirby! Your enthusiasm!” in prep for her scoring

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Mead’s had an excellent game.

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Whenever I hear Kirby it is mostly making me think along these lines:


(Not) Great (by) Scott! (there)


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Slo Mo Phil Neville sex face

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These smart Aleck set pieces where they play it short and immediately lose it have the definite whiff of a second hand waistcoat about them.


Oh my mind went there first of course lol

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The Oranje legion travel to Valenciennes today for the second group match against Cameroon. The Dutch are aiming for an improved performance after the struggle against New Zealand. Defender Stefanie van der Gragt will be missing the game due to knee ouch. A win today will guarantee a place in the knockout phase.

TV coverage: BBC One, 2 PM

Going to watch the Dutch play Cameroon on TG4. Irish language commentary!

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I think we can all agree that stroopwafels > yams

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