Fifa World Cup France 2019 Day 30: The Final.

Kicks off Friday at 8pm (France vs South Korea).

First game for any of the home nations is England vs Scotland on Sunday at 5pm.

Brief overview here: :south

Post other articles, thoughts, etc. World Cup!


Don’t really know anything about women’s football but gonna try and watch a fair bit of this

If it’s on tv I’m in

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really excited. wanted to go over for a game but wont have the time with me moving jobs. will also miss the final cos i’m at another festival :frowning: need to take major sporting finals into account better when planning my activities

The Oranje Lionesses are not in action until next Tuesday, when they play New Zealand at the Stade Océane in Le Havre.

Their final preparation was a 3 - 0 defeat of Australia, on Saturday night in Eindhoven, in front of a record crowd of 30,238 spectators.

The only downer was an injury to left-back Kika van Es, who broke her hand early on in the game. Aniek Nouwen has been put on standby, in case Van Es is unable to play. The decision deadline is 24 hours before the first group game.

Think the BBC will be giving it pretty comprehensive coverage





We’re gonna win.

The first records of women’s football start in Scotland. In the Highlands single women would play against married women while men would watch and select a prospective bride.

Can’t stop thinking about this.


It’s coming home, lasses


Ireland didn’t qualify so my GF is supporting Chile :chile: and I’m supporting Jamaica :jamaica:.

might support Scotland, why not


Supporting last years winners of the Women’s African Cup of Nations the Super Falcons :nigeria:

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Hi can someone good arrange a thing we’re we get randomly allocated teams like mens worls cuo. Very much enjoyed supporting Belgium

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Likeable England team but Phil Neville is such a cunner. Away kit is :fire:

Okay, if you’d like to be allocated one of the 24 teams to follow then select “in” from the poll below.

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Poll will be closed and teams will be allocated tomorrow afternoon, and depending on numbers some teams might be allocated more than one user. Alternatively you can support whoever you like.

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Thx bbz


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The dark red? Best England kit in years.

When’s International Men’s World Cup Day?