Fifa World Cup France 2019 Day 30: The Final.

Wall chart! (please post another one if you find something better)

Hastily filled in the work’s (extremely convoluted) sweepstakes. IN GER LUND!!!

Anyone else want a team in this? If not, you lot are getting two each. I’ll close it in about an hour so I can draw it before I leave work.

last year I put Croatia as one of my bogie teams. -30 points every time they won a game :rofl:

Carlos Queries



What on earth is this?

Give teams points 1-20. And 4 bogey teams (-21 to - 24). Get those points whenever that team wins (plus other rules) I guess

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Dingers has played herself by putting in 2 bogey teams in the same group

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That’s incredibly outlandish and not at all what a sweepstake is but I’m a big fan. Love complication for complication’s sake when it comes to football.

Yeah I did 20 down and ran out of space, those were the last two countries left :sob:

@anon19035908 Carlos takes a day off to do the maths!

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Carlos is a clever operator then, now I see his game.

Carlos? Car gain, more like!

Automobile theft isn’t a joke pal.

You wouldn’t download a car

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Wanna bet?

Okay, 15 out of the 19 teams are taken. If you’d like to be randomly allocated one of the remaining nine, let me know.

Canada :canada: - @kallgeese
Japan :jp: - @anon75298087
Italy :it: - @aboynamedgoo
Nigeria :nigeria: - @jordan_229
Netherlands :netherlands: - @boothyfearssatan
France :fr: - @Rarity
Thailand :thailand: - @Aggpass
Germany :de: - Me


South Korea :kr: - @xylo
Chile :chile: - @doubleespresso
USA :us: - @anon19035908
Norway :norway: - @thesewoodenideas
Scotland :scotland: - @shrewbie
England :england: - @FKA_Adam_Jeffson
Jamaica :jamaica: - @anon76851889



I’ll take one