Fight Club ending changed in China

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I know this is pretty serious but, the change is really funny:

“The police rapidly figured out the whole plan and arrested all criminals, successfully preventing the bomb from exploding”

Poochie died on the way to back his home planet vibe


better than the original imo.


Fixes the plot hole set up at the start that the building they’re in has a live bomb truck in the basement.

Apparently they replaced all the actors except Brad Pitt with Muppets


Would have made it much better to leave Norton as the only real person, TBH.

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Time to roll out my Ed Norton anecdote that when I was at a party with him all the other actors there were like ‘do not talk to Ed…he is so boring’

Lol. Should have spoken to him in retrospect, we might have been boring soul mates.


He is famously a bit much I think? I saw Brian Cox said he didn’t really take to him and I think it’s why he got asked to leave the MCU after the one film.

I always find him excellent on screen though.

Isn’t the implication that their building is going to blow up after he says “Everything is going to be fine… you met me at a very strange time in my life”.


Didn’t he leave the MCU because he wanted to write the Avengers film and they didn’t allow it?

Oh really? I don’t really know anything about him but he was standing in the middle of the dance floor alone just staring into space with everyone avoiding him.

Seems more and more like me now I think about it


I never got that, interesting thought. It’s a lot later blowing up than the others if that’s the case.

In the commentary with Uhls and Palahniuk Chuck points it out and Uhls says something like, “No you’ll see it’s fine,” but then it never comes up again so I think it’s just an editing mistake.

I mean if you don’t think that implies he’s ‘a bit much’ then I don’t know what to say :smiley:

I’m very impressed you’ve been to a super cool party with him there and other actors who told you to avoid him, TBH.

I think if anything it isn’t enough after what’s been coming out about Joss Wheadon (sp?) recently


Yeah I hadn’t really thought about it tbh, would kind of make sense if Brad-Durden had set up Ed-Durden to blow up knowing that Ed-Durden was onto him? But also they could’ve just added a few lines about moving to a different spot to get a better view or something.

I really love Fight Club. I know it’s been battered around by discourse and takes for a long time now, but I still think it’s really thrilling film about the atomisation of people under capitalism.


I mean sure if he said, “Don’t let Whedon do it, he’s a massive danger,” and they ignored him and he left for that then it’s cool.

I don’t think that’s how it panned out.