Fighting toilet smells

Obviously I believe you should always have something to help with this in your loo. While I obviously avoid pooing at someone’s house, if I have the need and there’s nothing provided for me to ‘clear the air’ then you better believe I’m knocking a mark off on FriendAdvisor.

But our flat in London has the toilet in it’s own cubicle sized room with no window and minimal ventilation so I’m thinking about the best ways to fight smells.

One issue is that air sprays can be as bad, meaning everyone is choking on the stink of turds and the stink of a cloying scent.

So what are your gotos?

I seem to recall someone on here had actual experience of that V.I.Poo stuff. Can it possibly work and be worth whatever crazy price it goes for (assuming it isn’t also known to kill babies or something as a side effect.

Going for a 23 comedy answer to every serious response ratio for this thread


If it’s smelly use some bleach and the toilet brush

The bleach smell usually drowns out the shit smells soon enough

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There is an identical and cheap version called Lu-Mist - I have the rose bowl one and it sells for like, a quid in homebargains. :slight_smile:

Can genuinely attest to its efficiency.

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Sorry for the Amazon link other services are available 3 x 60ml Lu-Mist Toilet Bowl Spray (Citrus Fresh, Rose Bowl, Coastal Breeze) : Grocery

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Hope so mate because in classic DiS advice thread style I will no doubt ignore what everyone says and go my own misguided way.


You like the stink of bleach though (laying aside the chemical wildness)

Yeah actually , it smells clean to me and it comes in blue or yellow variety



Nah, the courtesy flush would waste a small country’s allocation of fresh water for every one of my immense shits.

Yeah I light a match

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Ah this is just the oil mist scent thing, right?

Vipoo is like a dropper thing that goes on the water and somehow covers your turds from smelling I thought

Burning an entire house down is always a welcome distraction.


Why I am in Theo’s stinky poo thread


Yeah, we do - a window, we open.

Ha, nope - you got a toilet you better believe I am trying to block it, if the need strikes me.

Matches. That’s all you need, really. After shitting, and implementing an “in-flight flush”, light a singular match.

The in-flight flush is either during a big shit, or immediately afterwards, a single flush prior to wiping helps.

Yes my mum’s classic but I’m not sure about accidental

Would be better to find a more ambient solution.

Another vote for Davidoff courtesy flush

Because you love it.

Ah is this touch move your fucking shits?