Fightmilk 2017 (Jaggy Sneak)

Hi everyone,

Some of you are into the shout-nonsense pop band I’m in and also we like new fans so here we are.

We’ve got a new single out on Fierce Panda called Pity Party which you can hear here Pity Party - Single by Fightmilk | Spotify and maybe if you like it you can order our new EP which is coming out on 14/07 physically and digitally.

We’re also headlining a show at The Victoria in London’s fashionable Dalston on 11/07/17. We’re playing with Schande and Fresh (who just signed to Specialist Subject), both of who are insanely good and I can’t believe we get to play with them. It’s free entry and there’ll be balloons and stuff and you can buy the physical EP there and nice things like that. More details here Tonight! Fightmilk / Schande / Fresh | Free Entry

If you read all this you are brilliant and thank you

Nick x

in other news, I just got your username.

will listen later to make up for being such a dumdum

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Yeah in hindsight it isn’t very good.

EP is out now and doing marvelously. You can listen HERE:


EP Review:

Interview #1:

Interview #2: Fightmilk – In Their Own Words – For The Rabbits

Oh and we’re playing with Skinny Girl Diet tomorrow at The Lexington so come to that please thanks x

The Lexington website says that you’re on at 7:40pm. That right?

Yeah that’s right! See you later :grinning:

That was a brilliant set. Excellent atmosphere. I don’t think I’ve seen that many people at The Lexington at 7:45pm for the first band.

Let me know when you’ve a London gig again. I’ll definitely turn up.


Thank you so much! We’ve definitely played better and the drum kit falling apart for the last song was a bit of a suprise! Thanks SO much for coming.

It was my pleasure. I saw you guys and then went to Islington Assembly Hall for Terry and Sheer Mag. You guys were the best band on the night for me. It was just a great fun live set from your band. I absolutely love NYE on your EP, so glad you played that as well as the first song.

I’m not sure what happened on the last song with the drums. The woman from the next band on was trying to help sort it out. Either way, it added to the fun. Thanks for a great night.

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aww isn’t this a Nice Website.


Isn’t it though? :heart_eyes:

Here is another review

Playing Who Run The World’s 2nd Birthday this Sunday at the Fiddler’s Elbow in that there Camden

Manchester with the fucking outrageously excellent Living Body on the 25th August

Here we are, having a nice time in a video shot on my phone

We’re in Manchester tonight and also supporting Desperate Journalist at Tufnell Park Dome I’m Oct 19th. Woop.

I see that you’re playing Paper Dress Vintage on Friday? Any idea of stage times? The venue is walking distance from where I work. I’d love to pop down to see your set if the times work out. Great set last time. (By the way, which one in the video above are you?)

I’m a huge Desperate Journalist fan and have a ticket for their Dome gig already. Slightly cheesily, I bumped into the lead singer at a Camden pub a few weeks ago whilst carrying a Desperate Journalist tote bag. Stories don’t get more exciting than this.

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I’ve moved onto a late shift tomorrow. I hope you guys are on after 8:30pm?

Chemtrails sound brilliant too.

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You’ve once again played an absolute blinder - we’re on at 9! Excellent that you’re coming to the Dome too. Can’t wait/terrified at the size of the place. Did you talk to Jo when you saw her? They’re good kind people.

Great. It’s a 10 minute walk for me. I’ll make your set.

I saw Jo Bevan a few Fridays ago at The Constitution pub around Camden. She and the guitarist were sat with Keith TOTP. I was alone and I had about four pints at a previous pub (after another late shift but on an empty stomach). I didn’t want to hassle or over stay a hello and so it was just a quick hello, love your albums and anymore gigs planned? Then I left them to themselves. Seemed friendly people.

Great set by you guys. Really enjoyed Chemtrails too. I hadn’t seen them before. Fun night out.

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Chemtrails were excellent weren’t they? Don’t see people snap a bass string too often. Only caught the last two songs by The Hearing but thought she was pretty incredible. Thanks so much for coming, say hello next time! I was trying to assess who you were!