Fil du dimanche (Sunday thread)


Morning all. I’m on my way to Paris and in true laelfy style got to the train station about an hour and a half before my train. Good thing too as travelling with just a small backpack seems to have triggered all the security and I got a full bag search, explosives testing, sniffer dog and interrogation. They seem to be satisfied that I’m not a terrorist now thankfully.

What are you all up to today?




Merci vingt-neuf


anglos a sunday, dis

got woken up at half six by some children running around screaming. fine… didn’t want a lie in anyway :upside_down_face:

going out on :bike: later, should be good.

enjoy paris!


Morning laelfy and etc.

Heading out to run a 10k in a bit. Probably go for a nice brunch after then do nothing for the rest of the day


Where you going to :bike: to?

My friends did a sportive on a tandem yesterday - reckon that scores them mega bike wanker points


Bon matin.

I’m awake but i’m not sure why, got nothing to do for two hours. Going out for brunch in a bit then got band practice, didnt really think enough about how time consuming being in two bands would be. Will probably have a chill evening.

You off to paris for work or pleasure?


You sound just like the guy who interrogated me. Pleasure today and work tomorrow. Although I’m in a bit of a pickle as the flaky colleague I’m going with was mysteriously struck down with a bug on Friday and hadn’t yet booked hotels and accommodation. If she doesn’t come then I’m in a bit of hot water. Going to try to not stress about it all day.


yeah definitely. I’ve always fancied a go on one.

heading out round the cotswolds, to stow on the wold / burford sort of area.


Nice. Good coffee/cake shops in burford.


I was going to say “anglais a Sunday” but then I remembered you were Scottish, @laelfy


I’m up early as I’ve just been on BBC Radio Norfolk discussing this Foodbank event I’ve been organising. Going to go to the coast with the family in a bit.


Morning all!

I wish I was on my way to Paris.

The Child was up every two hours last night. I don’t even want to be awake.


why are babies so inconsiderate?


Doesn’t have a job and hasn’t even bothered learning the language either.


Ecossaise a Sunday to you too



Good morning all! Enjoy Paris laelfy!

Don’t know why I’m up this early. Going to take it very easy today, fuck doing anything which requires effort. Might just read the newspapers and listen to these lads for a few hours.


I always get the full scan and search cause I just take my handbag to Belgium sometimes. 9/10 at airports too if I’m alone.

Today I am spending the day in bed again to save energy.


Just been finding last night’s drunk messages.

Full of posh cunners like you
Oooooh I’m from Cambridge look at me I have a trust fund and a mansion oooooohbikes bikes bikes”