File swap shop

OK let’s see if this idea works (but anticipate the sinking like a stone). Post up a couple of things you’re after. Post up a couple of things you’d like. Swap PMs. Send MP3s (or whatever) via wetransfer (or whatever), everyone’s a winner.

I’m thinking this is for rare, out of print stuff or particularly fine bootlegs. But whatever.

For example, I’d like but don’t have:

  • Levon Vincent’s s/t album. (I know he gave it away free to begin with, but it now seems to be a bugger to find).
  • Cardiac’s Sing to God. (Only have it on cassette. Missed the vinyl rer-elease last year, don’t fancy paying a fortune for the CD).
  • Titus Andronicus: Innocents Abroad. (The tour only release from 2009. Or would love to get hold of any live recordings from Monitor era).

Happy to share files of:

@1101010 theo!!! Illegal activity!!!


Honestly, think there’s too many people here invested in buying music for this to go down well.

Not being preachy - who doesn’t nick the odd bit of music - but there’s a time and place

That’s fair enough and if I’ve misjudged the idea more than happy to pull it/ mods kill the thread. Idea was for it to be on stuff that’s not commercially available and therefore [probably] less morally dubious.

Ah right, that seems fine to me. If someone doesn’t get that Levon album to you, I’ll share it when I get a chance

I bought ‘Once Upon a Time in Shaolin’, if you fancy hearing that?


I’m not sure if this is bad, really?

a lot of bootlegs and rare stuff can be found on soulseek, or in the rbt mu archive

Yeah everything’s on soulseek

Guys p2p filesharing hasnt existed since 2002

How many files have you got to share, @Prob500?

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solipsism sharing

Never heard of Limewire??

Tell that to the judge!

Too subtle for these losers, I guess

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