Filename Conventions

Nice bit of reverse YYMMDD to start, get that shit chronological, then as many relevant words as possible to make it easily searchable in the drop box.

Spaces: Fine
Underscores: Fuck off

19022 Drowned In Sound DiS New Thread Idea About Filenames.docx


Trial name_site ID_document name_version number_date

Date is always DDMMMYYYY

Don’t really care, mostly use folders to organise things anyway. Can’t trust the bonkers Windows or Outlook searches anyway.

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Already fucking it up by missing out a 2. Disgraceful.

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You’d better believe I’m reversing that date. Hate having to sort by date modified or anything like that. Used to like a nice underscore between words now i tend to just captalise without spaces for quicker db referencing.

Meet on the Ledge

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This really shocks me, I had you down as a strict file name convention kind of guy.

Personally couldn’t work for a company who didn’t impose a strict convention.

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Files should be named in proper English with proper punctuation as far as possible. Always DD-MM-YY

This will not work at all if your company either has an American office or American clients


Proper English for proper file names :smiley:.

Different conventions for different needs. Every patent family has its own folder, then sub-folder by country. File names don’t need to be any more precise than “[reference] amended claims (clean) Feb 19” after that.

If I was using a different operating system then I’d be stricter but as it is there’s no benefit.

Careful, I’m willing to go all read receipt on this subject

Don’t really need one, as we have specialised document management software.

Just UK

Proper haircuts etc.

As do we but sometimes files exist outside the system, so you’ve got to have a convention

every non-patented family is stored in their own way

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What sort of psychopath puts spaces in a filename?! Underscores or hyphens, please.

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If it makes any difference, nobody else works on my stuff so there’s less need for a convention. It’s a very solitary profession. That’s why I like it.

If I were to design a docketing system from the ground up it would have strict file name conventions and extensive use of tagging and meta-data to make things properly searchable, but since that’s not what we have, it’s a waste of time to follow anything that structured.


:grimacing: :grimacing:

:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:



Also everything would be Linux and there would be LaTeX templates for all of the patent specifications and not using them would be a fireable* offence. Absolutely no Word.

It’s the only thing that would make me want to set up my own firm.

*out of a cannon into the sun

DDMMMYYYY is universally accepted in compliance environments.

Anything else and you’ve got potential for day/month confusion