Film: 2018 Oscars

This deserves its own thread, so the haters can stay away.

Nominations are due this afternoon, starting around 1:15 PM.

Favourites include Call Me By Your Name, Lady Bird, The Shape of Water, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, The Florida Project and Get Out. Potential snubs for Spielberg’s The Post, Phantom Thread (Daniel Day-Lewis final film) and Personal Shopper.

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Hope Three Billboards wins Best Picture even though it’s not especially great, just because it will annoy the most people if it does.


Here’s a handy template for everyone:

I can’t believe that they ignored __________, the Oscars is such a joke!


Of the things I’ve seen so far that will be in contention none of them are anywhere near as good as last years best two nominees (Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea) IMO

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Only seen 2 Billboards, Get Out and Personal Shopper out of that list

List does seem a bit thin maybe?

You Won’t Believe What’s Written On The Third Billboard!


I can see “Get Out” winning best picture at 11/1. “Three Billboards…” should win but I feel Hollywood will steer clear from it somehow.

no you won’t believe what …

forget it

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Hope Sufjan Stevens is nominated.

Twitter will go into meltdown if Greta Gerwig isn’t nominated, and even more if neither her nor Jordan Peele are.

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Hope The Foreigner gets something.

It is interesting how open Best Picture is at the moment, could see any of four films winning at the moment

No real compulsion to see any of these other than Lady Bird.

Edit: dunno why this replied to you gt.

Three Billboards… is quite a clear favourite with the bookies. Dunkirk felt more like a HD video game than a movie.

Not sure why Three Billboards is a clear favourite, The Shape of Water is just as likely at the moment and I wonder if the whole Marmite thing Three Billboards has will count against it (like it did for La La Land and The Revenant)

I can’t believe that they ignored the fact films aren’t good, the Oscars is such a joke!


Industry rewarding the industry, etc, etc.

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The cinema was buzzing after the showing of Three Billboards I saw and I thought immediately it’ll win best picture. However after a few days of reflection and seeing the replies on the thread on here I feel Hollywood will steer clear of it.

Three Billboards winning Best Picture would be extremely weird based on the quality of the film but not weird at all based on the way the Academy is really weird.


The academy are known to check DiS regularly


One thing remains the same with the Oscars - play a historical figure and wear loads of prosthetics and an Oscar is guaranteed! Gary Oldman isn’t even particularly good in Darkest Hour but actors are very easy to impress it seems.