Film 4 is 20 years old today

They don’t appear to be showing anything good to celebrate.

Here are some Film 4 memories:

  1. Remember when it started and it was a subscription channel? I had a job in a proper shonky call centre when I was 17 where we would try and convince people to take out a free trial of it (which would obviously auto-renew at the end unless cancelled). Good to see that model hasn’t changed in two decades.

  2. I was home alone one Saturday night, watching Film 4 in the living room, and the movie “Donkey Punch” was on, which is a sorta horror thing about some sexcapades that go wrong. A housemate happens to walk in during a foursome scene, and I very loudly, in a panic, blurted out “IT’S A FILM ON TV I’M NOT WATCHING PORN IN THE LIVING ROOM”

What’s the best film you’ve seen on Film 4? Any good Film 4 memories?


Watching ‘the raid’ on xmas eve a few years ago whilst wrapping the kids presents with a mulled wine on the go, getting my step daughter to cover her eyes on a few bits. Felt all warm and fuzzy.

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A true Christmas classic :smiley:


It was oddly appropriate. Definitely the highlight of that xmas.

Remember it launching. I was living back at home after graduating and while my mum had Sky, the was no way in hell she would consider subscribing to something like Film 4. Fortunately, they used to periodically do free weekends, during which I would basically tape the entire output for future watching. Also remember when it appeared on Freeview, which must have been…11 years ago? I was horrified that it now has adverts during the films (ok, as well as being free in fairness).

Film 4 :+1::+1::+1:

I think Donkey Punch might be the archetypal film 4 type film

got a job in a call centre for sky. was really looking forward to finally getting to watch film 4 since you got all the channels for free if you worked there. it moved to free view that weekend.


It became free the week after the World Cup finished in the summer between my A-levels, a time when I had no money and no inclination to go out and get any. I watched absolutely everything they showed, three or four films a day. Loads of it was proper dross (that Italian Job remake with Mark Wahlberg was a particular lowlight) but I saw Sexy Beast, Local Hero and all the Ghibli films for free in a time when the only way to see different films was to buy them or get them from Blockbuster. Whenever I check what’s on now it’s usually a later Pirates of the Caribbean film or the Transporter, but seem to remember them showing Stranger than Fiction a couple of years ago on Christmas Day and my entire family being glued to it.

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They still show a lot of really good films, it’s just they also show a lot of rubbish too

The things I want to watch always seem to be on at about half two in the morning (shut up Kermode etc).


I couldn’t get freeview until the Digital Switchover but regular channel 4 had good films on in the early hours.

It’s had zero impact on my life

Same for me and Quark.

First memory of Film4’s that film where Ewan McGregor hits someone on the head with a shovel.


Oh yeah, In Between is on 1.30am tonight!

As if to sum up my previous point, tonight they’ve had a Katherine Heigl romantic comedy, some Idris Elba thriller and then 12 Years a Slave and In Between

star wars?

420 :sunglasses:

I had cable TV from a company called Videotron. Then I think they got taken over from Cable and Wireless (fascinating so far huh?)

Film Four was available as a free trial for a month. I subscribed after that. That first month was great. I taped Slacker from there. That’s my favourite film of all time and went to Austin, Texas last year to pay homage to the film. Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan was shown too. Brilliant films for the first year or two before it become a freebie and inevitably it had to become and appeal to the mainstream.

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remember they had a lot of adverts for sex lives of the potato men