Film Buffs of DiS assemble

I really rather like the BBC ad for Kermode’s Film Review. It has soundbites from his reviews and displays the words in the style of famous film posters/title sequences:

I managed to capture a screenshot of each (I think I got them all) and wondered how many the good people of DiS would be able to identify. Some are pretty easy, others less so. There are 35 of them.

I don’t know all of them btw…

27 is Toy Story

21 is Back To The Future and etc

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11 - Rocky Horror?

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2 down, 33 to go…

33 - I wanna say Drive

12 is game of thrones

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33 is one of those that is really bugging me

There’s quite a few gimmes

19 is Indiana Jones

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30’s Potter ain’t it.

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32 is bugging me. So familiar but can’t put my finger on it!

I think you might be right though

32 is juno

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25 jurassic park

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Star Trek

35 is guardians of the galaxy i think

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15 is The Warriors

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10 Resevoir Dogs? Maybe not.

None of these are Wayne’s World :frowning: I’m out

17 is Satantango

13 - Grease?