Film Club #10: MISTRESS AMERICA! (Thursday 8pm)

haha great work lads


Oh my god

Okay quick, this closes at 7pm:

  • Proud Mary
  • Pom Poko
  • Mistress America

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@japes, @shrewbie, @Unlucky, @froglet, @maggieloveshopey, @Witches, @anon26275971

Ok, MISTRESS AMERICA it is. I am fully prepared to be very bored by this movie, but hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

Popping out for snacks, see you soon.


oh no did i vote for a boring one? i have no idea what it’s about

ahm oot, watched it recently (wasn’t boring, but did find it really quite annoying)


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Im excited for the boring film

only voted on it cause i like saying greta gerwig in my head in a geordie accent


Idk, lots of people love it. I found the previous Baumbach/Gerwig thing quite boring, but lots of people loved that too.

Have now set up the DM group chat. If you’ve not recieved a DM but would like to be in the live chat (which I highly recommend), please notify me in here ASAP and no later than 7:50 pm please.

ah right, i do know what this is after all


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I am a big fan of it, definitely the best film i’ve seen involving Baumbach/Gerwig, Dean Wareham is great in it too

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Ooo that looks really good! I love gerwig. Please include me in the DMs but I’m not sure I’ll be able to join in. Depends on whether the tv is up for it and I very much doubt he will be :roll_eyes:

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Cant contribute live but I really really like this film. I also really liked the Endless which definitely was on uk Netflix until fairly recently (weird cosmic horror stuff, worth checking out)

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is there a thread yet?

DM thread yes, we’re just starting the film now

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can I join?

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oh balls, it was there even just a week ago. I’ve had it in my list for ages, and like so many things in there, never got round to actually watching it. Anyway quarter past eight and I’ve only just seen @whiterussian’s prompt and realised it’s actually Thursday today, so I’m too late for Mistress America (which actually looks like it could be pretty good, so I have, er…added it to my list). Hope you all enjoy it!


If it is any consolation I’m missing it too due to overrunning bedtime and rubbish wifi :+1:

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I’d definitely recommend you both watch it when you get the chance. The soundtrack alone (and then, iirc, Dean Wareham also acting and getting amusingly into it) is very worth it.

(that said, I am a bigger Baumbach fan than a lot of people here!)


Might sack this off friends. Finding it quite unbearable