Film Club #12: MIDNIGHT RUN! (Monday 8pm)

Hello and welcome to another action-filled edition of the film club! This time with added laughs.

Here are some of the goods that are on offer. Please feel free to browse around Netflix, and we’ll also be open to things that are available for free on Youtube.

Anything you want to watch with the film club? You may nominate one or two titles in this thread. The deadline for nominations is on Sunday at 8pm. We will then put it to the vote, and Monday evening we’ll watch the film with the most votes.

As ever, you’ll have the option of joining in a DM thread for live chat while we watch the film (you can sign up for this later and I highly recommend it), or you can meet us back here in the thread for discussion afterwards. Anyone is welcome to join.

Have fun!

:boom: :boom: :boom:

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Birdemic: Shock And Terror

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might not be action enough


already watched it recently but Young Offenders is v funny

bad boys


the nice guys is good and daft.

I like shame black

sorry I always forget to check Netflix first, it’s not there. I’m just very passionate about film club


i want to watch one of the ‘____ has fallen’ films but none of them are on there

white house down is kinda the same thing i guess

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as the country’s premier Photoshopologist what do you think of this poster

have they just sellotaped a cut out of his head over a man’s body


the other guys is the best film there but i can’t nominate it as i’m scared everyone will hate it and then turn on me

so i’ll nominate midnight run and 21 jump street instead please wr


I like the other guys too

remember reading steve coogan say it was the lowest point of his career!

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that’s an insane thing for the star of around the world in 80 days to say


I mean, if all of yous would want to rent it off itunes that’d be alright, it’s on my netflix, but don’t want to exclude anyone etc

But do keep in mind if anything is free on youtube or elsewhere that’s fine as well, our netflix thing is only cause we are all already paying for that

Ocean’s Eleven (2001, S. Soderbergh)

Spy (2015, P. Feig)


I will nominate Tropic Thunder. Also I’ll be home in an hour or two and will post the poll then.


bad news mate…

Oh ffs

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