FILM CLUB #19: VERTIGO! (Friday 8pm)

Ooh, I love Brick.

Maybe worth doing a poll to see what streaming things people actually have access to? Quite lucky that I have spare logins from family so I have a variety.

I have access to:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon prime
  • Mubi
  • Disney+
  • BBC iplayer
  • Other possibly obvious one I’ve forgotten?

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there’s a duncan jones netflix film that’s meant to be a (sort of) sequel to moon, though fuck knows how

but apparently it’s shite? anyone seen it?

I have.

It is nothing like Moon and is indeed shite


i get the impression it’s vaguely set in the same conceivable universe rather than having anything to do with it

If there is a comnection, its extremely minor…think maybe a radio mentions something that happened in Moon? Whatever it is its at that level

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I really wish The Last Seduction was on a streaming service.


Doesn’t look like much worth going for on the iPlayer

Ooh! It wasn’t on Amazon when I last looked for it and I’ve wanted to watch it for a while. Don’t have Prime Video but I hope it’s rent-able

I’d add with noir as well that LOOOOOADS of films are going to be out of copyright, I think, and therefore you might have some joy finding goodens on YouTube. Just had a gander and Scarlet Street (meant to be a companion to Woman in the Window) is on there


Ah nice, let me know if there are any more. Love a noir sesh

Ah shame, they have had quite a lot in the past (I think Woman in the Window was in there earlier in the year actually)

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Film Club double feature!

I can dig out the essay that we were set during a Film Noir module

which incidentally was run by the most fittingly noirish person ever who had this detective-looking hat that it turned out had been a gift from William Burroughs

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Only those 2 but I’ve mainly been torrenting anyway cos of regional differences so don’t mind what we watch

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“Give me a good film noir and a bottle of gin
I’ll be happy just to stay inside”

Best. Opening line. Ever.

Daytime bump

Nomination deadline 8pm today

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Poll time, vote vote vote

  • The Stranger
  • Vertigo
  • Woman in the Window
  • Cities of Last Things
  • A Simple Favour
  • Blue Velvet
  • Brick (on Amazon Prime)
  • Mute
  • Scarlet Street

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DM live chat?

  • Yes please

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@filmclubbers vote vote vote