Film Club #20: Runner's Up Special II (Monday 8pm)

we made it to number 20! :astonished:

for this edition, we will be choosing a film from one of the runners-up from the last nine editions of film club.

Poll closes on Monday at 6pm, and then we watch the film at 8pm. If you want to be included in the DM live chat while we watch the film (highly encouraged) please indicate this in the second poll. As ever, everyone and anyone is welcome to join.

Please note that you’ll get TWO votes for this, as there are more options than usual.

fao: @filmclubbers


we should watch:

  • blue velvet (1986)
  • breadcrumb trail (2014)
  • circus of books (2019)
  • climax (2018)
  • holy goalie (2017)
  • hot rod (2007)
  • megamind (2010)
  • moneyball (2011)
  • paris is burning (1990)
  • the hole in the ground (2019)
  • the perks of being a wallflower (2012)
  • under the shadow (2016)

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want to be in the group chat?

  • yes pls

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here’s the league table:

Film Score
Princess Mononoke 4.30
The Miseducation Of Cameron Post 4.14
The Raid: Redemption 3.93
The Cabin In The Woods 3.91
What Happened, Miss Simone? 3.88
Christine 3.88
Wild at Heart 3.79
Blindspotting 3.67
Midnight Run 3.58
Fruitvale Station 3.55
Mars Attacks! 3.54
Mistress America 3.54
Friday Night Lights 3.50
Vertigo 3.33
The Living End 3.13
Always Be My Maybe 3.09
West Side Story 3.09
Rango 3.00
Noah 2.55
The Devil’s Bride 2.25

Can you give me a synopsis of each please


that link isn’t going to the right place any more :angry:

fuck sake

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I thought maybe you want me to WhatsApp them? :smiley:

Anyway I looked the films up by myself, thankyou.

Anyone want to watch a film tonight as well? I’m really bored.


yeah alright

any suggestions?

Step U…

Something fun


(I’ll watch almost anything)

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Might change my vote as I won’t be able to live chat and I really wanna be in there for Holy Goalie.

Sooooo…Step Up 2?

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how about road house?

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Love a bit of swayze

who doesnt

  • in for watching film tonight (saturday) at 8PM

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i’ll make a thread then we can all vote on what we watch or something

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rewatching pain and glory for a film club i’m in with my parents
you can all join if you want

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