Film Club #21 ttf edition: I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore (Friday 8pm)

I’m happy with this as it was one of the films on my shortlist :+1:

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Really liked this when I saw it a while ago so may rewatch (as SMLFCB bc I can never make the official screening times)


can I get in the dm thread pls, appears I missed that poll

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Really sorry guys I was tied up so couldn’t join the chat

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I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore

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seemed very netflix


worth a watch anyway, was a good one

think I wasn’t in the right mood for it. normally I like a bit of ultra violence but idk something about this didn’t sit right with me

I get the point the film was trying to make and think it did it pretty well but for me just wasn’t fun enough.

thought it was fairly average but there were enough well crafted touches that helped elevate it. some of the jokes were timed really well, like had they landed a beat later wouldn’t have been as funny

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How many times in films has someone stumbled out into the road to be nailed by a bus or truck?

And yeah I think my dislike was more to do with the fact I like more light hearted films

I liked it. Thematically similar to No Country For Old Men in some ways, but this had better gags. Thought the escalation of events and the way things span out of control was really well handled.

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Looking forward to the Japes Edition

got my list ready to go!

might wait until tomorrow to post it though

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Sorry I couldn’t be part of the live chat after all, it has been A DAY. Hope you all had fun. I did see the film a few weeks ago and liked it. Good to see her off Two And A Half Men getting a decent role, and quite enjoyed Elijah. He’s doing a lot of cool stuff, as a producer too.


Remember it being a total 3.5 film for me, but I like the two leads a lot which will usually be enough for me anyway


What is it you guys use to screenshare and chat or whatever? Does it only work with netflix?

nothing that fancy, just a synced start time and a dm thread

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we watched one film in 480p on youtube

Really enjoying watching this again last night. I’d somehow forgotten how violent and dark it gets - Elijah Wood and Melanie Lynskey are both dons (and, it just occured to me, both Peter Jackson alumni). Didnt realise David Yow from off of the Jesus Lizard was in it until this time round too

Also my 69th film of lockdown :call_me_hand: :kiss: