Film Club #22: JUPITER ASCENDING (Monday 8pm)

@shrewbie you’re next in line, alright to do something on Thursday/Friday/Saturday?

oh man the end of that does me every time

here’s the league table:

Film Score
Princess Mononoke 4.30
The Miseducation Of Cameron Post 4.14
The Raid: Redemption 3.93
The Cabin In The Woods 3.91
What Happened, Miss Simone? 3.88
Christine 3.88
Wild at Heart 3.79
Blindspotting 3.67
Midnight Run 3.58
Fruitvale Station 3.55
Mars Attacks! 3.54
Mistress America 3.54
Friday Night Lights 3.50
Road House 3.40
I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore 3.33
Vertigo 3.33
The Living End 3.13
Always Be My Maybe 3.09
West Side Story 3.09
Rango 3.00
Noah 2.55
Holy Goalie 2.43
The Devil’s Bride 2.25

…JA on course to be only the 4th “bad” film we’ve watched. (if 3 is the break even point)

Been a bit busy with moving stuff but think I can do Thursday :+1:



(hope moving goes ok)

Kept making me think of Valerian. They’re both big budget flamboyant space operas from directors who have had previous SF successes, both feature a lot of… questionable acting and stupid ideas, and neither are really very good. But somehow Valerian is a lot of fun, and this isn’t at all. What’s the difference?

I think both Tatum and Kunis work best when they’re allowed to be really silly, and they were too serious in this

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